Joe Porcaro talks about Jeff

Bo Eder

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Here’s a nice video everybody should watch if you have 45 minutes. Stan Keyawa, owner of Pro Drum in Hollywood did a sit-down interview with Joe Porcaro, session musician, and they talked about his son Jeff. It’s funny because Joe ties his sons success to playing one party at a public park when he was a kid. This might be better than the book about Jeff.


Paul Blood

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It always brings back good memories to see Joe. I always keep a copy of his book out, nice rudimental stuff to work on.

i was not aware of the Stan Getz “ Apacionado” that Jeff played. I am listening to it right now.

Thanks for sharing this!


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This is lovely - long overdue but ordering the book now. Recently read Steve Lukather's autobiography and it shared so many great stories about Jeff. Thanks for sharing Bo!