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The other day I was driving with a close friend who is a very good guitar player but he does not play professionally. I play music from YouTube when I drive, and it started to play "Malafemmena". The Guitar player friend does not ask me who the Guitar player is, but he loves the groove by the drummer and asks me who the drummer is. That was a big surprise to me and I responded that the drummer is Joe Ascione.

Joe Ascione had an interesting life that took him from getting an engineering degree all the way back to his first passion that was playing drums. He put his mark on the drumming world and he is another example of great chops and groove. He will be missed. I have included these links in case anyone is interested:

Drummer World's own page about Joe Ascione.
The "Malafemmena" song.
A tribute to Joe Ascione with small portions of the last interview with him.
The complete Joey DeFrancesco trio concert that includes three very different drum solos by Joe Ascione.

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