Joe and the Hybrid Rolling Drum Kit


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It's easy to dwell on what we can't do behind the drums.

But then sometimes someone comes along and puts it into perspective.

I met Joe a few NAMMs back, although I can't say I really know him. He plays drums via a special Axis pedal, as you see, Joe has no legs.

This year, Joe upped his game with his Hybrid Rolling Drum Kit. A Roland drum kit combined with a wheel chair.

(Picture from

And then part way through the show, Sabain cymbals upgraded his e-cymbals with an endorsement.

And yes, he's actually in band:

Keep on drumming Joe!


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Joe is a staple at NAMM, and a nice guy. I saw that drum-cart (or maybe an earlier version?) a year or two ago, and also had my first in-depth convesation with him. He's very matter-of-fact about not having legs, and obviously much more comfortable with his situation than those who might have questions about it. I couldn't have been more direct when I asked "now Joe, how do you play the kick and hat without legs?" He was gracious and to the point, with no discomfort on his part, and soon, none on mine, either.

I chatted with him at the Sabian party that Friday night, now I know why he was invited!


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It never ceases to amaze me, the people who have overcome seemingly crippling setbacks in life.
This is one such exampke that's just fantastic to see. Thanks for sharing! :)


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Just wonderful, & a tear to my eye watching his video. Some of you here know that I was facing a similar mountain a few years ago (paralysis, not amputation), but thanks to something or someone, I'm still operational (although on borrowed time), so this resonates with me in a very big way. Joe obviously has a great "1 finger up" attitude to his challenge. You need that attitude to prevent you from sitting in a dark corner & letting it all wash over you. Not easy to keep that attitude going though, I can assure you, so I have huge admiration for Joe & others like him. One of my best friends is currently working his way through a similar challenge, & I'm pleased to report that he'll be back on the band crew (lighting) at our next suitable gig. This subject is very very close to my heart.

& Joe, if for some reason you're lurking here, I think your power trio is pretty cool, & your grooves powerful & deep. Bless you my drumming brother.