JJ Cale passes


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Grammy-winning songwriter JJ Cale has died at 74

Grammy-winning musician and songwriter JJ Cale, perhaps best known for writing Eric Clapton's hits "Cocaine" and "After Midnight," died Friday at age 74 after suffering a heart attack.

"We've lost a great artist and a great person tonight," a statement on his Facebook page read. The page said there are no immediate plans for a memorial service, but urged fans to consider a donation to their local animal shelter.

Cale was well-respected by musicians. Clapton told Vanity Fair magazine that Cale was the living person he most admired, and singer Neil Young said, "Of all the players I ever heard, it's gotta be Hendrix and JJ Cale who are the best electric guitar players."

Born in Oklahoma in 1938, Cale became one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a mix of rockabilly, country, rock 'n' roll, jazz and blues.

He left Oklahoma for Los Angeles as a young man, and was on the verge of giving up his struggle to make it in the music business in 1970 when Clapton recorded his song "After Midnight," and later "Cocaine."


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Truly this is a sad event and a great loss to the artistic community.

JJ;s influences on me as a songwriter and player couldn't have been greater. His understated arrangements can unleash awesome clout and the sweetest of seduction. He was a rocker, a folkie, jazzer, blues guy, a poet... I guess the list could go on.

RIP troubadour.