Jimmy D'anda

Couldn't find a thread on him so I made one, He was the drummer for the band Bulletboys back in the 80s, whether you like the band or not(I personally am a Fan), you can't deny his power, groove and style. He was one of the few people at the bonzo bash events that truely captured the groove of the songs he performed and played them with some serious style. And he has some cool parts for his own songs from the first two Bulletboys records. What do you guys think?

Here's The Crunge performed by Jimmy

Here's him playing We're Gonna Groove

And the last Bonzo tribute is him playing Misty Mountain Hop with his old Bulletboys bandmate Mick Sweda on guitar

Some Bulletboys tunes:
The Hardcore Groove


Hell On My Heels(vulgar Lyric alert)

and Last Shoot The Preacher Down


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He played with Lynch Mob some also...I think he was giving drum lessons for awhile here in Brea, CA..I think; My daughter may have had a lesson or two years ago...

I don't want to be negative about the Bonzo Bash appearances....as a student of Bonham, and not a good one, I know how hard it is to recreate that feel, funk and power. It is not easy by any stretch.

I've seen all the footage and watch it all repeatedly cause it's very enjoyable; whether it's nailed or not, I still enjoy it..good band too! Damn!

My thought is still after all the performances that Chad still sticks out the most on Achilles Last Stand...although Brian Tichy played it this last time and sounded and looked very strong.

I also did notice Jimmy D'anda's performances..I thought he stood out with power and style. I was definitely impressed.

Just to be real, they are all *way better* than anything I could do...but some stick out. Chad annihilates Achilles..in my opinion


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I've always liked the Bulletboys (seen 'em 3 times) ..... and always liked Jimmy, as a drummer.​


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I like Jimmy D'anda too, funny because I never see any love for the guy.

I think he's a great solid drummer. Everyone writes it off as "hair metal" but Jimmy had some killer fills and hit hats stuff happening on that first Bulletboys record. I too saw that Bonzo Bash D'anda performance, I thought he killed it with his own style. He's a Powerhouse as they call it.


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i dig the first b.b.'s album. jimmy was slammin' on it (though i do think the production was a little off) the 2nd album was a bit odd to get into but i eventually did.

around 2002 i was going to audition with a band that jimmy was in. they told me he had sold his kit, so in their eyes maybe they kicked him out or he quit...i don't know the sitch.

it wasn't a famous band and i never did audition, but it was kinda cool to maybe be the next drummer after him.