Jimi Hendrix died 50 years ago today.


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His skill and relationship with the guitar were intense and eerie. He made it look effortless.
Changed guitar forever.
Band Of Gypsies is one of my all time favorite albums. Something for VERY LOUD using the "ear goggles".
I was 5 at the time, so I'm (almost) WAYOver50guy...


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I was lucky to see the Experience in '69, in Indy. One long set that ended oddly.
I'd never heard of the opening band, Chicago Transit Authority, so that was a real treat.
While Mitch soloed, Noel and Jimi went behind their amp stacks and snorted a bit, not uncommon on stages then.
The crowd around the stage kept yelling for his hits, and Jimi said he just wanted to play blues. (one a-hole kept flashing a camera flash in his eyes)
at some point Jimi held his hand up in the 'Peace' sign, then changed it to the 'finger', dropped his Strat, screaming with feedback and walked off.

Jimi's music and Mitch's drumming lifted rock drumming a notch, Fire, Manic Depression and the like sent us cover band drummers to the woodshed.


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Wow guess I was 15 when he passed- odd I thought I was older ( I was drinking and smoking -hanging with older crowd I remember). Which now dates starting those habits younger than I remember too. I thought I was older?? Dang I was incorrigible lil delinquent.

C.M. Jones

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Here's how it all went down, though this says he was younger:

Yet another example of how marketing twists reality to pimp sugary products.

As the real narrative goes, Jimi's dad got a saxophone for himself and a guitar for Jimi when the latter was about fifteen. Financial problems made keeping both instruments impossible. Recognizing Jimi's talent, dad sold the sax so son could retain the guitar. That might have been the best decision in the history of fatherhood.