Jim Gordon - Solo Album


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Greetings from an old Drum Roadie...

I have an album by Jim Gordon (Derek and the Dominos, etc.) called James Gordon and His Jazznpops Orchestra, or something to that effect. I can't find a single reference to the album anywhere. Is anyone out there familiar with it? Is it so rare that I have the only copy? Just kidding with that last one, only I have never seen another copy.
I have an old LP by Jim, I don't recall if it's that one though. It was very common in the '60s for studio players/sidemen to record projects with other sidemen, very often just instrumental songs, and just for fun and to let off some creative steam.

there's a full drum solo (long) in that Live D&tD fillmore (for those that never heard
(his spot tail end of Let It Rain 1:35:45 was his spot)