Jim Chapin video


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A lot of useful advice in that (e.g. best way to get a good double stroke roll IMO, at 51:40), and always good to watch for motivation. The man was just crazy about drumming.

Not so good for learning how exactly he is finger tapping in traditional grip from this video, for lack of different camera angles, and he does not really discuss that. That's what most people call the Moeller technique these days I think


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I liked his line about.. about a slight triplet whip when playing fast singles - and that 'most drummers don't even realize they do it'!
Not sure if it's on this video as I haven't had a chance to watch the whole thing yet but.. way back when I was working on shuffles (like the double or killer shuffle) it was tricky awkward at first to get those 'pull out' strokes with the left hand shuffle.. until I heard Jim Chapin describe it as 'touching a hot stove - ooh aaah!' After that it all fell into place!