Jim Chapin: Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer


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What is the book by Alan Dawson that Chapin is being compared to? I love the Chapin but I wouldn't mind both by the sound of things


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My thoughts...these are all great books...and all should be studied. I have found that most of the drum material books,DVD's etc all offer concepts and material that I incorporate into my playing...I'll work one new book/DVD at a time(in addition to my warmup material)..depending on the material it maybe a month or a year.
When I started playing in the early 60's Chapin's book was one of the few and best on the the market....Other than snare drum books not a lot drum material existed for the set.
I worked on this book when I was 11 years old...I still use some of these book's material for my students today. Denis


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I've tried a drum set methods (Future Sounds, New Breed) and always come back to Advanced Techniques. I think the exercises are really helpful in helping you conceptualize time and develop a more fluid approach to playing.

It also covers rhythms that are missing from Syncopation (triplet partials, 1/4 note triplets, various 1/16th note subdivisions) that are essential IMO. Not to discount Syncopation, which I still think is fantastic.

I've never used the Dawson book and I'm sure it's great, but it seems absurd to totally discount ATMD. I almost exclusively play rock music and, along with Stick Control, find this book to indispensable.


I struggled through Jim's book when I was studying drums at 17. I had to chart it all out: FLR-FRL-FF-FLR, etc. That was the only way I could get it, and I never really mastered it, I must admit. Years later, when I got to know Jim well, I told him what trouble I had with the book, and he replied, "Good! It was meant to be difficult, but it made you a better drummer, didn't it?" It did in the long run.

I found that Jim's book translated also to the rock stuff I played, although it was meant to be a jazz study.


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Bob.I met Jim when he and Joe Morello were teaching at Percussion Paradise in Staten Island.Great guy and outstanding drummer, and a Moeller master if there ever was one.

Steve B