Jim Blackley books available in digital editions through 5/24/19


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Hello all,

Jim Blackley's son Kaja Blackley has recently been offering digital editions (in pdf format) of all of Jim Blackley's books (Syncopated Rolls for the Modern Drummer, The Essence of Jazz Drumming, and Rhythmical Explorations vol. 1-3). He recently announced on the Jim Blackley Appreciation page on Facebook that he is going to discontinue doing this on May 24th (he said "I have no intention of returning at a later date to again sell Jim's material on a digital platform"). Apparently people have stated that they prefer getting the material in book format, so he figures that it is not worth it to offer them digitally anymore. I wanted to give people on the forum a heads up, since acquiring them this way is a cheaper alternative to getting them in book form. Here's the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/319980388021082/

I'm not affiliated with the Blackley family, but I'm just posting this because I think some of the folks on here might appreciate taking advantage of this.


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Toronto Drum Shop Drumland is now the publisher of the entire Jim Blackely catalaogue of books. I picked a copy of Syncopated Rolls last week there.


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The Jim Blackley material is pretty 'deep stuff' if people enjoy this type of shedding. I know I did/do.