Jharis Yokley


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It's always great to discover new talents, the drum "world" is a gold mine when it comes to young new talents.
Jharis Yokley is a rare talent, take a look:


I really dig that video of him with just the bass /snare cymbal thing - I think he gots a lot of chops and ability - just need to work on how to focus it into music.

I really like the second Meinl video - he seems to flow and groove better in that.

Good player - seems like a young gun - should be cool to see where he goes in terms of his playing...sometime he locks in wild.
I suggest you all to watch this video, because even if you don't like the original song you will be amazed by Jharis's drumming:


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Is it just me? That i saw visions of Tony Williams on his yellow gretsch kit?. It was busy but in a straight kind of way. I enjoyed the artistic side of a young talent and the picture he painted. It was waves on a calm ocean if that makes sence.


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Better listen to the usual old drummers, right?
You asked, I replied. Being snarky because you don't like my answer is childish.
If I were blindfolded he sounds like almost every other YT drummer who is all chops for chops sake. It's about skill or technique and the music is an after thought. I find it unimpressive and boring.