JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie Interview....

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[QUOTE=tamadrm;1123089]Sorry,but that's CLEARLY Ringo's playing .Just listen to it.Tell me how you remotely fix a 4 channel track without the existing drum track "bleeding "into the final mix.The Beatles played and recorded LIVE,not instrument bu instrument.

NOT Possible.

Steve B

Steve B[/QUOTE]

That's what a future interviewer needs to ask, what was the process. Apparently its what they were doing back then and Purdie, taught by Les Paul was the best at it, he was the go-to guy. No punch in's, he had to nail it from start to finish, clearly on another level of playing drums. Not just Beatles tracks (Purdie said he didn't even know it was the Beatles he was working on at the time), this was being done to a lot of bands recordings at the time.

They had four track [tape recorders] and they put me on two separate tracks. I would listen to what Ringo had played and then overdub on top of it to keep it happening."

This is too crazy to be made up IMO-

"I got paid in five figures [$10,000 or more]," Purdie adds, "and that was the largest amount of money I'd ever gotten in my life. I thought they were paying me all that money because they liked what I played. Then [Epstein] told me I was being paid to keep my mouth shut."

Purdie says he signed a contract. Does he still have it?

"The contract", he explains, "was the check that I signed -- and I cashed it! On the back of the check, it was spelled out what I did ... 'payment for services rendered'. It took up half the check. But I didn't think about making a photo-copy. It didn't mean anything to me."

I can see Epstein wanting the Beatles to make a good showing in the US, insurance, he would benefit. He could have easily took it upon himself to do this, its what was happening at the time stateside.


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Re: JFS #103 The Bernard Purdie BS Interview....

I can't believe I'm going to continue on with this but...

Have you read this?

"Apparently it's what they were doing..." blah blah is irrelevant and doesn't prove anything in this case. You can't just take Purdie's word without examining it against what's actually possible and what's just logistically ridiculous. Unless you're saying that everything we know about the Beatles' timeline and recording methods is false and a cover-up?

Hey, maybe he did the sessions and they were never used and that's why we don't hear him on the tracks. In which case, who f***ing cares?