Jeff Porcaro's Bozz Scaggs setup.


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Tough one to call since he was known as a "Frankenstein" kit player.
Pearl ,Yamaha ,and Ludwig were all parts of his recording sets at any point in time.


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Throw in LA Camcos in that mix too... He had a black LA Camco kit he used in the Hold The Line video. Probably used this kit on recordings done in that period too...

Matt Bo Eder

I read his first Modern Drummer interview back in the 70s and he said he had a number of Gretsch drums, Ludwigs, Slingerlands, Camcos....I don't think his association with Pearl happened until after the Toto Hydra album - because he was playing some clear Ludwig Vistalites in the videos to promote that album. But he did say he used a Slingerland kit with a 28" bass drum on "Lido Shuffle".

I have this feeling he played basic 5-piece drum kits back then since having a 10" rack tom wasn't a normal thing yet. And when he did settle in with Pearl, it looked like all he did was add the 10" tom to the standard 12/13/16 configuration for the advertisements, anyway.

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Most of the time it was 12" and 13" toms, and a 16" floor tom. Usually with the bottom heads removed too. When I saw him live at the Baked Potato, it was a Gretsch set, with those sizes, and bottom heads removed.