Jeff Beck!


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I agree with you guys...I believe Jeff Beck had problems over the years due to time off healing from auto accidents....He races cars and had several mayor accidents. He is clearly one of the best! Denis


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Yes, Jeff beck is one of my favorites as well. Why he doesn't get more "due" is beyond me.
The man is amazing.


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He does love his cars and hot rods. I think that's really his "passion". Playing guitar just "pays the bills". So we see him every 5-10 years now, surrounded by some of the best of the best, he records, tours, and then it's back to his garage.


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Harry, you're too funny.

Jeff Beck had a problem with tinnitus, which side tracked his career for a decade. I think it was from listening to groupies scream.

Of the Yardbird three, he has always been my favorite.


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An amazing inevator, filling the singer's lace with an amazing lead guitar, he's done so much for instrumental music. The man is a god.


He certainly is NOT underrated by his peers. Like Allan Holdsworth, Jeff is in the stratosphere among guitarists.