Jeff Beck w/ Vinnie (Full Crossroads 07 Set)

New Tricks

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Yeah, the drummer was good but........Jeff freaking Beck!!!

Man, I've loved pretty much everything he has done and everyone he's played with.

I only got to see him play once, with The Jeff Beck Group (twice actually as I went to both shows). He and Cozy Powell look alike and when they came out on stage, Beck sat at the drums and Powell picked up the guitar, apparently to see if anyone was paying attention.

I have less than a couple musical idols and Jeff Beck is one of them.


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After watching the Crossroads and Ronnie Scott Recordings(those are getting to be old ones!), I am convinced that Tal is the superior musician on the stage.


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Tal took awhile to mature. If you listen to the Ronnie Scott recordings and the first Crossroads, you can hear the "tack" of the strings slapping the frets on normally plucked notes. Later stuff she's released on her own has much cleaner tone production. She has some interesting lines on these early recordings, but that has matured and integrated as well. It's great to be a young phenom but it's also good to have it all put together lest people think you'll always sound like the young phenom stuff. In other words, at first she played well for a cute young lady, while now she's just a good bass player who happens to be a fairly young lady.