Jazzin' with my friends — my first recording


So I recently formed a jazz group with a few friends of mine. We've been having a lot of fun and I've been learning a lot, especially from the sax player, who's considerably more learned in jazz than I. Anywho, we recently did our first recorded—an original bossa tune that we all worked together on writing. Because of constraints with recording (we use a built-in laptop microphone. *shrug*) you can't really hear my ride cymbal or the bassist at all, (I might end up using a stick on the ride while keeping the brush on the snare next time we record) but that's preferable to preliminary recordings where the snare and hihat were obnoxiously loud and the sax player was overdriving and distorted.

That said, enough excuses: I was a little awkward for the first couple measures but fell into the groove after that, and there were a few mishaps here and there (a misplayed chord progression on one of the interludes and a few other small things, not that big.) I hope you like it. It's not thoroughly impressive drum-wise, especially when you don't even hear my right hand, but I feel I supported the band well enough and I had fun. Please give some criticism.