Jazz-tracks without drums library/repository - thread.


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So, through my jazz studies, I've been looking after play-along tracks to practice my comping and such. I'd like to compile a list of tracks and albums that fall under this category. I've found some stuff already(mostly it's just duets with piano/bass or guitar/bass):


Terje Gewelt(with Christian Jacob) - Interplay
Terje Gewelt(with Christian Jacob) - Hope
Larry Coryell/Miroslav Vitous Quartet
Buster Williams(with Kenny Barron) - Two as one
Mike Melvoin - The Capitol Sessions
Spencer Strand - Turn it Up & Lay it down vol. 4. Baby Steps to Giant Steps.

John Riley(Art of Bop) - School days
John Riley(Art of Bop) - Last Week
John Riley(Art of Bop) - What is this thing called?
John Riley(Art of Bop) - October
John Riley(Art of Bop) - Satch & Diz
John Riley(Art of Bop) - Out in the Open

Feel free to suggest albums &/or tunes, and I'll add them to the original post.


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Kenny Washington has one called Jazz Conceptions.http://www.amazon.com/Conception-Complete-Transcriptions-Played-Washington/dp/B0019QUUFO/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1385653996&sr=1-2&keywords=kenny+washington+jazz+conceptions

Peter Erskine has quite a bit of stuff out including apps for mac but this one is easier to load into a daw.https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/drum-play-along-vol-1/id337370724

The Vinnie Valentino stuff is one of my favorites! http://www.amazon.com/Play-Along-Jazz-com-For-Drums/dp/B0030DM0SO

Here is the drumless tracks to Billy Ward's "Out The Door".http://www.billyward.com/otd/

A couple drumless albums that swing like crazy and are fun to play to are Dianna Krall's "Love Scenes" and Roy Hargrove, Steven Scott and Christian McBride's "Parkers Mood".
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Christian Mcbride has an album out that features just duos, him with various other musicians, no drums, I love playing along with some of the tracks, real swinging stuff.