Jazz numbers with tom tom beats


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I enjoy "jungle jazz" (right name?) like Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing and Duke's Caravan (which is more middle eastern but you probably know what I'm getting at).

Does anyone know of other jazz numbers by top bands with beats in this style?


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Dizzy's night in Tunisia

( Tunisia is kind of a jungle I suppose and the beat, as described by Dizzy was Afro Cuban/ Oriental, whatever he meant by that..)


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Max Roach playing drums on the tune St. Thomas is a good one. Sonny Rollins is the name to look this one up under.

Also, check out the Art Blakey album Moanin'. You'd probably dig the drum suites...


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Yeah, Night in Tunisia is a good one. I forgot about that.

I couldn't find Max playing Mr Thomas just some covers but the calpso feel is nice. I haven't heard a lot of Art's playing, but so far I've only heard him swinging ride/snare. Any particular songs, Caddy?

Michael G

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From Cozy Cole, Topsy part 1 and 2 are great tracks with heavy tom beats. He has another one on his version of Habanera. But then again, there are a number of tracks he has with tom tom beats in an effort to "duplicate" his big hit with Topsy, so checking him out in general would be a good idea.

Uh from Gene Krupa, besides Sing Sing Sing, he's gotta a number called "Jungle Drums" that has tom tom beats. So does Meddle my Minor, as well as a few others that have extended tom tom intros but thats it.. The beginning part of Evolution (Buddy and Gene) has heavy tom action for 2+ minutes.

The original Big Noise from Winnetka is played on two toms to mimic the bass part of the song, listen to Ray Bauduc or watch the video of him and Bobby Haggart. However Ray varies it after the intro whistle part.

Those are some "different" ones I could throw in looking at my playlist.