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Here is an interesting interview with the founder of deconstructionism Jacques Derrida and Ornette Coleman


clip on download PDF file and then scroll down the next page to "request download ticket." Clip on that icon and go to the next page. Click on the download icon to get the PDF file. I can't vouch for the safety of the software to hear the interview; so don't download it. But if you know the software is safe or already have it, you can see the interview.


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Very cool video - I'm going to be listening to Historocity today. I really love this style of trio jazz. Vijay makes a great point when he says that "It's not just about music. We're all kind of improvising all the time, making out lives work."

Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with deconstruction or Derrida, but I did download the interview and will take a look sometime this week. It's very refreshing to see some discussion on philosophy of art and music here.

What other jazz improv groups do you like?