Jazz Gig At The Ives Concert Park Video.


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I took my 65 Slingerland customized jazz kit out on a very windy but beautiful Sunday afternoon in June :). We were at an art show at the famous Ives Concert Park in Danbury Connecticut.
You can hear the fountains in the background as we played. Thanks to my friend Marsha who made the video for us. You can see the wind blowing the camera tripod almost over at one part of the performance as well as my cymbals swaying without being struck by a stick.


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Using the Ludwig universal mounts I see.
How they working out for you?


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The kit is sounding awesome Bob-some sweet brush work my man- sounding really good. "Blowing" them away eh.


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Thanks guys, we are playing as many jazz gigs as we can get and simply having fun. We are playing at a church carnival next week. A few months ago we decided that we were getting old and we should play out more.
I really like my old Slings. I wouldn't even think of ever parting with those drums.
The Atlas mounts are great. I have them on several of my kits. They offer just the right amount of suspension and the drum doesn't move all over the place. My other fav mounts are the ones that are on my Mapex Saturn kit.


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Thanks Andy and Froggy. I really enjoy playing the classic jazz standards.
Its a far cry from the rock and country that I usually play.