Jazz/ funk kit (thanks to advice!)

wizard sticks

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Hello all,

I am in the process of building a new jazz/ funk kit thanks to wisdom from here. The snare drum is here and the Gretsch is ordered - the hardware and cymbals are yet to be ordered.

Snare drum: Ludwig Acrolite (LM404C, natural aluminium finish)
Bass/ toms: Satin maple Gretsch USA Custom (20x14 bass, 10x6.5 rack, 13x13 floor)
Pedals: Gibraltar direct drive
Other stands: Pearl 830 series (light!)

Cymbals: Zildjian K (20 Ride, 16 Dark Thin Crash, 14 Hats)

I am being very indecisive about the choice of hi hats but I think I need to play the Zildjian Ks for a while to see if I like them. I used to play 13s but I need to have a fuller sound in the future - more old school. The K hats can sound a bit sloppy at times but I need to set them up right I think ... I have been thinking of using a K top with a New Beat bottom to clean up the sound. Hi hats do my head in - hard to get right!

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...congratulations on your new jazz/funk kit...

...your choice of drum sizes is interesting: sort of a combination of a "club/subway/legends" kit ( a la canopus/gretsch usa customs/ steve maxwell's jazz legends kits) using a fusion/rock-type bass drum, vs the smaller bass drums currently being paired with smaller-sized shallow toms...

wizard sticks

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Yeah definitely - I was thinking about this setup for a long time.

I was thinking about getting the classic 20x14, 12x8, 14x14 jazz setup but I do prefer a 10 tom. So this is my "downbeat/ progressive jazz" version!

I will post pics when I have the kit ....


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Love the sound of this kit! Very funky.
I have been very impressed with the combination of 10" rack and 13 x 13 floor tom for funk too.
I find the K hats quite sloshy but for me that's part of their appeal.
I have New Beats (14) and they are great. I would love to have a set of 14 K hats and mix and mix/match them with the New Beats. I think I would have all the options I want with those pairs.
Let us know how you get on!