Jazz Cymbal set up


Cymbal set up for jazz, the right side ride cymbal with the left side ride/crash that compliment each other . What would be some suggestions as well as the theory behind why this combo would work . I am intrigued more and more about playing jazz . Thx
In my opinion, look for versatile cymbals, ones you can get many different sounds from. Then practice with their dynamic.


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Here's a left-side ride that jazz icon Peter Erskine developed in tandem with Zildjian. The video shows Erskine demonstrating the cymbal himself.

I have this video I like of Peter Erskine, with Diana Krall, Anthony Wilson and Robert Hurst if someone has time to listen to it, it's going to be a well spent 7 minutes, I swear it. :)

Usually they play much smoother jazz but with Peter Erskine, he is a train, over speeding. :ROFLMAO:

(Sorry for hi jacking a little)


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I would probably get a 20 and 22" Zildjian Crash of Doom. It's dark sounding, you can crash it, you can ride it, it has a nice build and wash...
Stupidly sold the 18" i had a couple of years ago, but that thing was pretty versatile!