jazz band.. embarrassing moment


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I play in the school jazz band and normally I keep the charts pretty fresh, adding some spice and holding together the band. Today, we pulled out some old material and it was an up-tempo latin tune. My band director started counting off the tune a bit slow (cut-time feel) and so I instantly tried to sort of push it back up to the proper tempo. It was difficult to do because it felt like the band was playing along with the director and I was playing along with the band when normally the band plays along with the rhythm section. There were areas of the tune that were tight and sweet, but some where I just had to simply stop because I was not able to aid the band to the proper tempo and got lost in the music doing so. Normally jazz band goes great and just before that tune we ripped through this awesome bluesy number where I really held the band together and added alot of flavor. If a situation like this ever happens again whether it be with a big band or even a small ensemble or rock band what should I do? Just keep it steady and go with the flow or try some method to sort of push the tempo?
On another note, some basic advice on adapting to others drum kits is needed. I can play fine on other kits and hold together a band or musicians and still do some tasty stuff, but I feel like I can not play to the full of my ability unless it is on my own kit, is this a common feeling or will more experience as a musician help me get rid of this?