Jason Mcgerr's drumheads


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Anyone know what heads he uses? and what series of ludwig drums (and sizes)
Jason McGerr's kit info is HERE

DRUMS - Ludwig
Legacy Classic in Piano Black Stain
9 x 13 Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom
14 x 26 Bass Drum
6.5 x 14 Hammered Bronze Snare

HEADS - Remo
Coated Vintage Ambassadors top
Coated Ambassadors bottom
Coated Emperor Bass Drum

Those drums he uses... incredibly expensive. Definitely one of the best kits produced today.
thx alot guys, the mystery is solved! but would a empoer on the bass sound good on a 22x17 tour custom bass?
He used a Classic Maple kit at the '06 Modern Drummer Festival. As dry as everything is tuned, it still sounds fantastic.