Jason Brown


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I've been listening to Jason Brown for about a year playing with Joey DeFrancesco. Jason is a very creative drummer with a great feel. His feel and time on up tempos as well as slow are inspiring. Here's a video from Dizzy's New York.
And this video is just one song, but it will make you smile for 12 minutes and 45 seconds! :)


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Yes!! So glad JB is getting love here on Drummerworld. Jason was the first jazz player I ever saw live (with joey d) and it inspired me to continue jazz and I am still loving it today at age 15! I have been lucky enough that He has been like a big brother to me and Is such a great player. Also check out joeys recent drummer, Michael shekwoaga Ode :) Super glad you’re checking jason out. Bernard, Jason Brown needs his own page here on Drummerworld!


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I did a record a few years ago with the guitarist in those videos (Dan Wilson), and have subsequently hung with Jason a few times. He comes to London quite often. He's a super nice guy. Check out his instagram. He does a lot of lessons and live hangs.


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Adam! I followed the links from your blog -> website -> to your recording with Dan Wilson and Pat Bianchi! I'm listening to Crusts on Monday and really enjoying this. The trio sounds fantastic. I love organ trios. You've got a great drum and cymbal sound on here and I'm digging your playing. Nice work man.

Thanks, Jeff! That's very kind of you to say. I can't take too much credit for the drum sound, as the kit belonged to the studio where we recorded in New York (well, New Jersey). It was a 1960-something Gretsch kit, and the snare drum was ancient! Early 20s. For the life of me I can't remember the make, but I was in love with that drum. The cymbals were mine though. The main ride is a 22' K Constantinople Medium Thin Low, on my left is a 20' K Custom Left Side Ride, and the hihats are Istanbul Agop Sultans (I have a pair of 13s and a pair of 14s, and can't remember which I used now).

It's late here in London, so I gotta' hit the sack, but I'll check out your YouTube channel tomorrow.