Jarreau, Sample and Amazing Gadd Solo


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Gotta love Gadd. He never ceases to inspire and humble me at the same time.

Nice snare sound too.



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This is one of my favorite videos. I don't have the dvd; but the host of talent is just awesome. Gadd's recording of Spain with al Jarreau was a turning point in my drum life, as was that whole album, this time. to see it here with Joe Sample and Freddie Washington is primo.

This is actually the whole video with a little interview by Dr Steve.



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It's just my opinion, but Gadd is one of the few that can make a rock tuning of the drums sound good with jazz. The tight tuning seems to usually sound better.

Cool that some of you were familiar with Jarreau playing with Gadd. This was the first I'd heard or seen it and I came on it by accident while doing a youtube search. Gadd I did. Thnaks for the great link Ken.


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Thank you, Don, for posting. Gadd was doing some great open-handed grooves here as you can see in 4:12, and grooves that utilize that whole set. He is such an innovator. He is so musical. when you see him play, there is not a second where he is not totally encapsulate by the music.

Here he is in '77 with his new band L'Image, these guys just got back together after 30years.