Jamie2c's grip question. Please help him.


wy yung

is it normal that when I use my drumsticks from Vic Firth I get my hands burned? I know that at the beginning, when we start playing drums, our hands have to adjust to the sticks, and it will leave some funny bruises, but with these sticks I get burned, I tried to use some tape around my fingers but still it burns me. I don't know if my technique is really poor or if the drumsticks don't suit me, but if it is normal to get burned by sticks of that type, what can I do to enjoy them? With all the others sticks that I have I play fine and they don't burn or whatever
Hi guys. As I mentioned in the open handed thread, I am way too busy to help him today. I trust you guys can help.

Many thanks.


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Would say it's more the technique than the sticks.

Find the best hands guy you can either locally or on skype and get 1 lesson with them. Tell them what's happening and then take their advice.

Only speculation on a forum. Need first hand (excuse the pun) experience and insight



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It is “possible” to be allergic to the wood or the chemicals used to cover the stick.


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It is “possible” to be allergic to the wood or the chemicals used to cover the stick.
Its possible , but not probable
1. Stop using those sticks and go with was working
2. Check your technique
Good luck


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The OP was "disappointed" when he didn't receive help within 24 hours, so I can just imagine his dismay after 6 years.
And if Jamie2c hasn't figured it out in those 6 years, his hands are probably blackened stumps by now.


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Painted sticks have more grip than non-painted bare wood sticks***. Consequently, bad hand technique (aka holding the sticks too tight) will exacerbate burns from that increased friction.

***Unless of course you take Noisy's recommendation on using hand lotion :oops: