Jaldaboath warmup show


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I don't think I've mentioned yet that I've recently begun playing for a strange band called Jaldaboath...more dressing up metal, this time medieval-themed 'Heraldic Templar Metal' or whatever. This is essentially for people who would find Gloryhammer insufficiently silly.

Anyway, we're playing at Bloodstock Open Air later in the year which I'm very excited about, so we did a warmup show/dress rehearsal last week at my preferred local venue. A video has surfaced:

Jaldaboath - Black Metal Beauty

Not the best FOH mix but you can at least hear the drums. I've enjoyed playing for this because it's led me to play stuff that's different to what I usually do for Gloryhammer which is quite straight-laced and simple.


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I wish I could find the clip of the last episode of the first series of 'I'm Alan Partridge' and his reaction to the theme from 'Black Beauty'...
You guys are absolutely fantastic. I remember a certain Christopher Bowes sharing "The Wailing Witch of Moulsecoomb" on facebook, and I proceeded to crack up at the music video... As did my family. Really looking forward to seeing you guys at Bloodstock! :D


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Ben, this is silliness on a whole 'nuther level! Love it - especially like the "crazy horses" style audio sample inclusion. Super solid drumming too, as usual :)