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Re: The Peter Magadini Interview

Really, he took all his tabla playing and learning and wrote books about it. He is the consummate teacher. Hopefully we'll see him in the desert someday with Mose Allison.

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Re: The Richard Davis Interview...

This is important because these guys are such intellectual titans that their knowledge spreads beyong the music but into evolution, racism and cultural bias. Just tremendous...thanks and share. JF
The Dick Berk Interview....


30 shows in and to mark this occasion I was joined by the legendary drummer Dick Berk. We had a ball.
He was Billie Holiday’s last drummer and his stories about how she took care of him when he was a seventeen hear old on the road are really stunning. Dick was also the drummer on the song “Manuel Deeghit” which we cranked really loud. Long live Cal Tjader……and long love Dick Berk.

1/2 a mile from Tucson by the Morning Light


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Hey Jake,

Oh my God! I'm loving the interview you conducted with Dick Berk. You guys touched on so many subjects that if I'd been part of the interview you'd have ordered me off the show for continually interrupting you. You're a great interviewer who's obviously done his homework. I'm going to call Dick Berk again and thank him for his kind, loving and tributary comments about his time with my dad. I enjoyed hearing how he got started in the business.

I'll continue listening to all the interviews but just wanted to say thanks Jake. You're a great addition to our art deficient world.

Elizabeth Tjader
Re: The Mickey Roker Interview

He just had vocal chord surgery......wish him well. Here is a story from a loyal Ortlieb's patron;

I was working at Ortlieb's a few years ago. Mickey would buy all the waitresses and bartenders christmas presents. He got them for the chefs and dishwasher and even me. He got me a nice silk shirt that fit perfectly. I was so shocked and touched. He'd been my favorite drummer in Philly for a long time. A couple years later I had a bad moving experience (long story) and lost everything I owned except my saxophone. That's the only thing I still miss"