JACK DeJOHNETTE new interview with Dom Famularo

"When I played with [Coltrane], he was like a magnet. I really understood why Elvin had to play the way he played. As much as you could give him, like a sponge, he just soaked up that energy. He needed that fire from the drums to push him. And in return, it was reciprocal, with him and Elvin."


I saw Jack in Ft Lauderdale in 2001...I think. He played for about an hour then took questions. I really enjoyed listening to him. Love his playing with Miles Davis on Bitches Brew. One of my favorite recordings of all time....Keith Jarrett's The Cure. Everything is great on it but the broken 8th groove on Bemsha Swing is fantastic. Also, his playing on the final song...Thinks Ain't What they Used to be...killer playing on a slow tempo.