Jabo Starks refused to pay fines to James Brown

James Brown infamously charged his band members fines for making mistakes on stage...drummer Jabo Starks refused this arrangement.
I recently sat down with Jabo for my podcast, The Trap Set. We had a great conversation about his life and remarkable career.

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Episode Description:

Jabo Starks is a stylistic chameleon who can jump from hard-driving blues shuffles; to latin-infused backbeats; to sophisticated, syncopated funk jams. His addition to James Brown’s band in 1965 was crucial to the leader’s evolution from traditional song forms to his own, wholly unique style. Though he is most closely associated with James Brown, Jabo has also worked blues legends such as Bobby Blue Bland and B.B. King. He tells Joe about how he fell in love with music, his journey with giants of music, and his advice for maintaining a strong family life as an artist.