It's too slow!!!


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I can play single stroke with my right hand , only fingers, at 160 bpm as long as i want

When i slow it down to 140, it just doesnt work. My fingers want to go faster, and i have to really focus to keep it a bit steady.

Anybody familiar


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Are these 8ths or 16ths at 160?

As you go fast you will use less arm & wrist and eventually mostly fingers. You could work on using just fingers at slower tempos, but it may be more efficient to use more wrist & arm. It might also be that bounce of the stick is quicker than your use to at 140, so the stick is back in your starting position faster than your use to. Once it's back you naturally want to play the next note, which will be rushed at 140.
This is all off the top of my head. For me, the tempo determines what hand & foot technique I use.