...it's raining Pearls


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...a little Pearl Porn.

Itraded my DW four piece black oyster dubs straight across for a six piece Pearl masters custom in a creepy flesh colered finish.

Here they are.

These are what they cost me.

I kept my DW black oyster snare drum. It is the only remnant from the very first DW kit I bought. That was back in 2002. Since then I have been a rabid die hard DW wanker. I love my deedubs.

I first saw this drumkit in the shop where I had my tiger ash dubs on consignment.

They had these for quite some time. They were fire saling them so I proposed a trade. They accepted. I got a 22x16, 16x14, 14x12, 13x11, 12x10, and a 14x5.5" snare, all in a creepy flesh colored finish.

After buying the Premiers, my dee dub wall started to crack. I found this Premier kit, and an almost matching snare just about fell in my lap.

These Premiers made the black oyster dubs expendable. I wanted to keep the original snare, so I threw in the tube lug Ludwig.

There is no question that my favorite drums will always be my white marine pearl dubs. Still, It is nice when these little drum treasures fall into place. This is a lot of the enjoyment that I derive from drumming. That and an excuse to post a bunch of drum porn.

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Baz, you are one sick unit man. good on ya Bro. How does the Pearl kit sound compared to dw kits? Keep up the good work Baz!


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...Thanks guys.

I have not tinkered around with the Pearls to get what I would consider their ultimate sound. I am running out of drum heads, and I hate the thought of having to buy a few different combos to find the right match. For now I have the 12, 14, 16 with G2 clear over Genera res.

In my pre dub days I used the Pearl mounting system on my Canwoods, and I loved them. A lot has changed since and I am having a hard time getting used to the suspended toms. I am going to convert them to floor toms.

It has been a heavy duty drum tinker week, with a little playing thrown in. I swapped out my franken kit that I had over at my Brothers house, with a set of exports that my Daughters boyfriends ex drummer had left at their practice space for over a year. He had to get them out or they were going to be left at the curb, so long story short, they belong to my niece untill or when ever they are claimed by their rightfull owner.

dude i am soooo jealous!! u have such beautiful kits. and that drum walll in the background of the first pic :O unfair. anyways congrats on the new kit its looks tasty.


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love the drum wall Barry..Thats what every drummer should come home to.......I see it was a year ago,do you still think you made the right swap???Just curious,now that the honeymoon is over!..Kevin