It's official,,Gregg Bissonette leaves Mapex


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I have a 14x4" Maple piccolo snare from Dixon that I really like. Really rate their hardware as well.

Gregg will still sound amazing even if Dixon aren't in the same league as Mapex.


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Gregg signed on with Mapex when they were a pretty small company compared to the giants (Tama, Pearl, etc); nowhere near the well-established name they are now.

I guess he likes supporting the underdogs :)


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Very true. He did it with Slingerland when he left Pearl in the early 90's. They folded and he scrambled to Mapex. That was when it was common knowledge that they were paying artist well to help the companies image along. Portnoy and Bozzio were with them for a short while.

As for artist relations, I have seen those guys drop the ball a few times and lose big name artist and they could have kept them. I don't know if it was laziness or arrogance.