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I'm not sure how many of you knew, but Meinl recently added a bunch of new cymbals to their library such as Byzance Dark and Extra Dry chinas, a few new splashes, Byzance Traditional flat chinas, a bunch of SC Fusion cymbals etc.

Whats killing me is that the cymbal I'm most interested in, the Byzance Dark china, doesn't have a sound file. I'm hoping it will be up soon, but do you guys think it will be a good addition to Meinl's offerings?

I don't know why, but I've recently been very interested in Meinl.


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Yup...after noticing a few nice pies on I checked out Meinl's web site. There a lot of good stuff going on there.


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if you are interested in bizance cymbals , I'm going to save you a lot of money with the following information :

bizance cymbals are not manufactured by mainl , they buy them from turkish manufacturers and then they stamp their logo . so when you buy a mainl bizance you are paying a lot just for the logo , if you are interested in the sound you should look into turkish cymbals such as : diril (he personally preoduced cymbals formail and paiste )


I recently brought a istanbul cymbal second from a mate as i needed something in a hurry to replace a Zildjian K that i cracked...

Its sounds great and very very similar to the Byzance stuff my other friend plays.

while we're on the subject is bosphorus made by sonor or something?


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I've never even touched a Meinl, Bosphorus, or Agop cymbal. The big box stores near me just don't carry them, and I don't know where to listen to them. I live near Philadelphia. Can anybody help?