It's contagious and becoming widespread....


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Apparently, this is going around in DFW…….

One of my drummer friends was hired and brought into a new band consisting of two other guys and a girl singer. The girl singer is the girlfriend of one of the other guys in the band. After all of the promo and pictures, my friend was let go by the guy who was the boyfriend – “The bandleader” we’ll call him. They wanted to go another direction, he was told. During the time he was in the band, the girl singer always texted him or called him to give him the details of the gig. From what I was told, the lines of communication were cut off because she didn’t like the way this drummer played. She didn’t have the backbone to fire him herself and wanted to be thought of as “the little perfect angel, worth of adoration.”

This seems to be standard fare in the metroplex – girl gets her nose out of joint and demands that the boyfriend get rid of the drummer because “they are like buses – another is always coming down the street.” Her words and attitude.

So be forewarned of bands like this – they can never seem to find that drummer who fits with what they are doing and go through them like people go through socks.

And this is a textbook example of why I never will commit to a one band unless there is something writing. I have the right (as do you) to benefit from my creative input and suggestions. Any intellectual property needs to be included in the contract.

Otherwise, I just show with my part learned and my time is delegated on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Be careful, fellow drummers, that you don’t fall into this trap! Watch your back at all times!