It's been almost 3 years! The TRICK kit is up again!

That is one of the nicest blues to ever dawn a kit, Pearls Marine Fade Is the best

I like how its not a solid blue it kinda shows all the patterns of the metal
I was really interested in Trick and their aluminum shells when I first came across them. How do they compare to a wood shell sound-wise? (granted that can vary depending on type of wood)

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This looks thoroughly amazing! Beautiful kit, man!
It also is one of the most comfortable looking kits - nice and compact, with a great cymbal set-up! Enjoy that kit, mate!

Any chance you'd have any videos kicking around? I'd love to hear them!



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There are a few videos. I will post a link to the youtube clip from long long long ago. Around noon I will go put a little something together, probably... I am maybe getting ready to be in a band again. In fact that might be what I will play. I am really hoping to start playing more again. My career has taken priority.


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First off thank you for the complement on my drums. I ordered them without hearing them in person. Very scary, but there was a guy JT who used to work at Trick, he was VERY cool and very helpful and I couldn't be happier with these drums. They are light years above any kit I have ever played. I focused on having a set up that makes sense. I have back problems as it from my job and twisting and bending to get to things on the kit only makes it worse and takes the fun out of playing.

This was one of, if not the first time playing this song. The sound was taken right from the board. The cymbals aren't mic'ed so any cymbals you hear is being picked up by other mic's. This was the last song of the night. And this is when I had a bigger set up with a rack.

This show was brutal for me. It was an all day fest, and in the morning I had a physical agility test for the fire department. It was unseasonably warm and I was beat after the test, then I had to go take my drums down, move them here set them up and play!
The second part below, the last song we covered Hatebreed's Last Breath off the 2nd album.

And below is a $100 camera that captured a brand new song we had wrote the day before.
This, I THINK was the first show we had with our new guitar player.
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Below are two videos I did today. I haven't been playing much so this was something fun to do. Shot with an iPhone 5, recorded with logic and an mbox w/ a Bata52 in the kick and an AKG c3000B overhead. No compression or EQ. Also let the record show the drum heads haven't been changed since late 2008 early 2009.

This is a song I started learning for a band I am trying out for. The end got messed up so I just faded it out.

And this is a song from the band I was in before. I started kind of fast and you can hear me slowing down, and the double bass part at the end gets shaky, my legs aren't used to playing like this anymore!!