italian cymbals


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i recently bought a ride cymbal from a car boot sale that had been sprayed a brown colour it had a inked stamp mark over the brown made in italy. I cleaned off the paint spray the stamp is still visible, does anyone have any idea as to what make it could be. please email


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The second to come to mind would be Spizzichino. If it's one of these, you'd have come across an exceptionally good find.


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Pasha, was sold with Rodgers drums at one time.
The first cymbal I purchased new was a Pasha, still have it, but it has a crack in it.

Ajaha cymbals were also Italian.
Bellotti is an old Italian company from the 50's, not sure if they are still around.
Spizz, also Italian.

So not only is Italy famous for being a country that makes good wine, food and exotic cars, they also make good cymbals.