It happened to me.


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Holy crap.

It's been a while and life finally happened to me. I stopped playing.

I've heard countless stories of folks who stopped playing for several years for some reason or another. I naively scoffed and said to myself, "That'll never happen to me. I've been playing since I was 8, I'm playing constantly here in college, I'm sure I'll continue to play no matter what." I graduated college May of 2016, got married, started a career, bought a house. My last post in this forum was almost 3 years ago. I realized today that the only playing I've done since I graduated was for my old highschool's musicals once a year. I don't even have a space in my house dedicated to my set, they're currently stacked in a closet in my office. It's incredible how easily life sneaks up on you and how quick I was to stop practicing and set my drums aside.

Lesson learned. It might be time to drag out the kit and make room for them again. And just a warning to those who might also scoff and say "I'll never stop playing," never say never. I hope everyone here does keep playing. And I hope that we freely embrace those that have taken a hiatus.


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hey it happens, cant be helped. at least you still have the itch to play and got the hankering to set your kit back up again rather than selling up and stopping completely :)


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It definitely does happen. No one knows what life will bring. All the things that have kept you from playing are good things. Job. Marriage. House. When I look back on my periods of frequent playing and then inactivity, I played the most while in high school and through college. Then I got a job and got married, bought a house and had a child. After I graduated college I didn't play a whole lot for about 15 years. Then I started playing again in my early 40s, joining two music networking groups in Manhattan, got myself in a band and played in Greenwich Village clubs. Then the job got in the way again. And just like that, another 15 years passed by. I'm now 57 and starting to play more again. Life is like everything else. It goes in cycles. I should add that now that you have a new house, there has to be room for your drums somewhere. If the basement is dry, even if it's unfinished, throw a rug down on the concrete floor, buy a dehumidifier and go to town. If no basement, ask the significant other for permission to set them up in the guest bedroom. And if you get resistance, just promise to take the apart when guests come over. You'll be fine.
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George Carlin once said he worships the Sun. I worship my drums. They are setup in front of the TV in the living room, along with my bed. I live alone and get to play whenever I want, 3PM or 3AM.

Unless you want to convert your wife and kids to this new form of worship, I suggest you keep them locked up in that closet! LOL. Seriously though, I think you should ask yourself what you miss about the drums. Do you only think of them when out in a bar, standing in a crowd, watching another drummer on stage? Or do you like playing them in a practice room? How strong is the attachment, er "worship", factor? I love the smell of the shell when I change a drum head.

EDIT: I once slept with a 1980s TAMA Artwood snare I bought off of Ebay. It arrived with a high gloss amber stained maple finish in mint condition.
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Been there. The one thing I didn't do was get rid of my kit. Like you I just stacked it up, covered it with a blanket and closed the door. When I came back, it was there to do what I needed.
So take as long as you need, just know it'll be there for you when you're ready.
Started playing at age 10. For the next dozen years, being a drummer was maybe the preeminent facet of my identity, as far as I was concerned. Then I moved to a series of small apartments in NYC, working (happily) 50-60 hours per week, and other than getting together with coworkers at a rented rehearsal space a half dozen times, I didn't touch a kit for nearly 10 years. Moved into a house with a basement and was reunited with my babies for a happy decade. Then moved again, cross county, into a bungalow with absolutely no room for drums, and didn't sit down at a kit for another 12 years. Now have a drumset about 10 feet from my desk and sometimes spend hours a day just gazing lovingly at it as I listen in on conference calls and such. (My wife has started to refer to my kit as "my mistress.") Can't believe how much I've lost, in terms of technique—my previous decade away wasn't nearly as deleterious to my skills—but my love for playing and the joy I take in just laying down a simple funky backbeat is as strong as ever. (As is my Gear Acquisition Syndrome, alas.)


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Thanks for the input! And I should probably clarify, even though I have a house, its less than 1000 sq ft without a basement. I can either have an office or a drum room, not both at once. Priorities I guess!


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I didn't really turn away from the drums totally, but my obsession level definitely switched to model railroads after a decade away from THAT hobby. That said, I gave the drums a rest for about a year as my current living situation is not conducive to drumming. I'd like to be able to strike a balance between the two, but they are both expensive and space-consuming hobbies.


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I haven't practiced seriously since about 2012. I still have all of my gear and played it fairly regularly but right now my living situation doesn't allow for it. I'll get there one day. No rush.