Istanbul Mehmet 18" x-cast


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Hey guys,
Found a "Istanbul Mehmet x-cast brilliant turk style crash 18"" on eBay. I've been looking at getting a turk style 18" crash for a while (Agop Turk or Agop Sig, Meinl EDT, etc.). I know Mehmet's amazing, and this is a decent price. However, I don't know where I can find sound files for this thing or whatever the closest cymbal they make now to it now is, if that makes any sense. I'm probably going to send the seller an email to see if he knows the weight of it. I really like Meinl EDT's about 1300g in weight, so hopefully I can get it close to that. Too thin, and there's no volume, thick there's no trash. I'm planning on using it for jazz, funk, dnb stuff. I don't think it will work too great for jazz, but I love the sound, and I can always resell it for more than $150 I would think worst case.
Anyways, if anybody has any opinions they could throw at me that would be great. On the Istanbul Mehmet website, I looked for it and none of the labeling is the same, so this is probably an older model, so hard to find info. Thanks guys, keep drumming.
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Hi, i am Mehmet cymbals player and endorse them, i have had in the past 2x 18 x cast crash cymbals and i can say that it has very dark,low and dirty sound.
I would suggest you thinner model if you can find it , because i had thicker 18 x cast and sold it to buy thinner same model and this has beautiful sound.
I use it as 2.crash right from my ride cymbal or if i play bop jazz as primary crash and left side ride.
I would not suggest you to play it in pop,funk or rock style as only and primary crash, only if you now what you are doing exactly.
Very nice and specific crash cymbal that works in many situations but if this should be in front of you as only one crash then let it and buy something other-maybe nostalgia crash.


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He says it's 1874 grams, much too heavy. I have other crashes I use, but nothing dirty. Guess I'll wait for something else.