Istanbul El Negro - Anyone Tried These?


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I hate making another one of these threads, but the Istanbul Mehmet El Negro cymbals (by Horacio Hernandez) seemed to have flown under the radar. Has anyone tried these? The stores around me don't sell anything out of the Big Three other than the odd Wuhan unless someone trades it in. I once saw an awesome Bosphorus ride for about $200, but nothing else too crazy.

I just found these looking through ebay. The hats sound incredible in videos, but I've never played them in real life. It's hard to tell if they'll be as hard hitting on my own kit as they are on Youtube. If anyone's played any El Negro cymbal I'd love to hear your opinion on versatility, sound, etc.


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I've played them a little bit at PASIC and Tommy's. I really liked the 14" china when I tried it but didn't spend much time with the other models. Seem versatile enough and 12" hats are usually cool.

Funny enough, I was just at Tommy's (brought something home as a matter of fact - pics later), and I'd been bothering them to get more Mehmets (along with half their customers, they told me). They called last week saying they got a shipment, just made it in today. They have a VERY large selection of the El Negros now, nearly the largest of any one line I've ever seen them carry besides A Zildjians. 15" Crash (nearly warped like a trash crash), 19" Crash, 14" Hats, 17" Crash, and a 22"? Ride I think, 10" splash. They have a pretty thick metallic stick sound, but are smooth to crash and seem like they would cut well. Medium weights, and cool lathing. I considered an 18" crash at one point.