Istanbul Agop signature medium


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Hey guys, looking at possibly buying this cymbal, 22" ride. The normal sigs were always a bit too one trick pony-ish . These mediums seems lovely, enough weight to put in some rivets but keep the 'ping'

A long shot , but has anyone here a sig medium they've tried with rivets ? How does it cut ? Is it too soft ? ( Like the normal sig )

I usually love getting brighter rides and putting in rivets to soften them , but obviously the ideal us to find a dark cymbal with enough ping to balance ....
Such a specifically nerdy question, I know ..
( May do it with Mehmet Tony Williams' instead .. )


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I have a 22 sig medium, and it’s a very nicely balanced all purpose instrument. It projects much better than the regular thin ones, especially the stick sound. The stick is more clicky than pingy. I often do like to add rivets to cymbals, but this one has such a smooth creamy sound that I decided rivets would not add anything to it.


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I've been looking at this cymbal to replace my istanbul trad. dark 22. seems like a nice mellower ride than what I have. The bell doesn't cut as much as I would like but it sure looks cool!


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Thanks for the responses guys ! Looking at 21" Mel Lewis with 21" sig normal weight instead . Seems more complimentary .. gotta love Agop !