Istanbul Agop blues/ "jazz" ride


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Hi guys

Looking for a second ride, currently using a 20" k custom (brilliant finish) and it's great but playing more blues and jazz lately and the k is a bit bright/ pingy sounding.
I'm looking at Istanbul Agops, I want something less bright than the k obviously but not anything overly dry (like the turks) either, and nothing that opens up too easily (like the A sweet ride I had before)- so something that suggests jazz/ blues but is still relatively versatile.

Any suggestions?

I was thinking maybe the Sultan ride? or maybe the traditional series or vezir?


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I have a 22" Sultan Jazz ride and it is great, albeit a little washy. I have a pretty thin model, so perhaps a heavier version would give more stick definition.


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Have you listened to any of the Signatures that are perhaps a little heavier in weight?

Here's a clip of a 22" Agop OM for a sample.View attachment 57171

I have no experience with the ones you mentioned but I'm sure there are some keepers in those as well.
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I second the OM suggestion- jazzy but with a little kick. I think another ride you should consider is the Paiste Dark Energy MK I or II (the II has a bit more attack and cut than the OM). I have the II and it is extremely versatile with little "ringing". I use it for Blues, Funk, Jazz and not too heavy rock.