Istanbul Agop 30th anniversary...lovely

Captain Bash

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Finally pulled the trigger on some used Istanbul Agop 30th anniversary 15 hats 18 crash 22 ride. No bargain in fact v expensive even 2nd hand. Played them all afternoon, mmmmm they are fantastic they really do sound like old Ks, which is ideal for my duo (Fender Rhodes and Drums). I have played K Cons. and considered these but was put off as all the rides I played have that Zildjian attack the old Ks don't posses. Think I might have to sell some other gear and get the China. Anyone tried the 20“ or should I go all in and get the 22”.

Vintage Old School

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You really can't go wrong either way between the 20" or 22", it's totally a matter of preference. I have Agop Signature 16", 18" and 22" Chinas as well as an Agop Turk 18" China and two vintage Wuhan Chinas (19.5" and 21.5"). The 22" Agop Signature is my favorite China.


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Its really a matter of personal preference weather you go 22" or 20". For me personally, the 20" of the 30th Anniversary line makes a perfect left side ride and goes very well with dryer cymbal-lines like the Signatures or Jazz SE. I play the 20" mostly with my 22" medium Signature or with my super dry 21" Jazz SE.
I have tried several 22" of the 30th Anniversary line. But you really got to be careful with those! Some are very hard to handle and control, especially the lighter ones. Some of them are very trashy, others are more defined. They are all very individual and I found it very difficult to get the perfect one for me. I already owned four 22"'s, but sold them all again because I was not happy.
I think for a 22" the perfect weight range is between 2200 - 2300g. But that's just me.
I absolutely love my 30th Anniversary 18" crash/ride!!! That thing really does every thing! Beautiful, mystic crash and a very nice stick attack fr ride pattern. Could be my only cymbal I bring to a gig. I much prefer it over the 20", wich is a bit harder to control (1850g) and has some weird low frequencies fyling around.

And hell yeah....I also own the 22" Signature China. What a cymbal!!!!