Isolation mounts

Netz Ausg

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I have a small rack tom that I want to mount with an isolation mount. Unfortunately RIMS mounts won't work as the space between the top of the lug and the collar of the drum head is not big enough to fit the tension rod holders between.

This means that the next best solution is to use a Tama Starcast mount system - Rockstar style (clamps on to the hoop, rather than into extra mounting holes or on TRs). I'm having a lot of trouble sourcing the MRM10 (Rockstar era Starcast mount) in the UK - the one time you need something on eBay you can't bloody find it! If i get it special order it'll cost me about £60, which is a LOT of money for a 10" tom mount.

SO - Can anyone suggest a good alternative (besides drill the shell and fitting a mount directly on to it - the rest of my kit is in Starcast mounts and so I want consistency) that either clamps onto the hoop or works in a similar way? I am aware of the ISS Pearl system but that doesn't use the L rod mount fitting that my tom stand has.

Any ideas? Alternately - if anyone has a spare Starcast, LET ME KNOW!!!


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Try emailing all the regular Ebay drum dealers. Many of them have piles of gear lying around that they don't advertise. It's always worth asking as some of them have extensive "junk boxes".