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Looking for a hard rock drummer that I can send music to and he can add drum tracks to that music and send back to me - kinda like a postal service thing.

Basically I don't have time for a full fledged band, having a full time job and children so for now this is just a hobby me and my friends have but we don't have a drummer friend with similar interests. I've been doing the drums with programs and they just don't feel right.

If interested first check out:

This is a few tracks I posted a couple years back and will give you a feel for what type of music we like.

If you know of a different place where I can look for online drummers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Email me:


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You don't need to bump your thread after 30 minutes or so!
Wait until people reply, that's the way it works.


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Something guys need to know is what are you planning to do with these recordings?

Don't be surprised if they expect to get paid for their time and talent.

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Email me what you have and I will. I don't know how to use ANY of the recording software I own except for Garage band. I have written and recorded virtual instruments and play my drums along with them and my guitarist has plugged directly into the GB so I think it will be easy enough to do. I use an electronic kit so I should be able to simply plug in and play.

I don't know how many parts you have written but a bass line is generally the most helpful to me.

And, my fee ....million....dollars


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Still looking if anyone is still interested, have a few trying things out but I still want to keep looking.