Is this the first music video of a Wac'd snare?


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It has that nice thick sound that I like.
My Wac'd snare keeps finding its way back on my snare stand.
It is one of my favs.
I just need to play it sometimes.
Thanks for sharing.
I am playing a Wac'd snare in this video.


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Thanks Guys !

Harry , Awesome video and music! Reminded me of R.E.M. which is not a bad thing by anymeans!

Bob , Thanks for letting me in on the video ( in more ways that one ! ) , The playing was outstanding !

Andy , Thank you as always.

And I really thank you guys for your help and support with Jennifer. We have certainly heeded your advice as you will see in the video. As to not derail Harry's thread , as soon as I get a moment I'll update somethings in the Wac'd thread.

Thanks for supporting me !

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