Is this steel snare good or?

criz p. critter

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Glad you like it Drum Guy! Looks super clean! It's always great to see a drum that old in such perfect condition. As I said before, well worth the money, don't you think?

I'm not absolutely sure about the hoops, but my 1005's hoops are the same weight as my 70s Ludwigs, which are 1.6mm. So yeah, 1.6 must be right. I think it'll be easy enough to find replacements since I see a lot of them on Ebay and Reverb. They're the same hoops as used on all the old Olympic kits. But then how often do you ever have to replace a hoop?

My experience is the same as yours, with the binding drum key. That would seem to be the way they all are. I actually have a couple of keys that are thinner around the socket, and that work really well for this drum.

Apparently, all of the Premier and Olympic branded 1005s came with the square-head tension rods. I wonder if anyone here knows why that is? After getting my 1005, I was inspired to replace all the slotted rods on my Olympic kit with square. I was using a screwdriver to tune them, as the Premier and Sonor keys I tried were too thick and would also bind against the hoops.


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Drum Guy

it’s good to know you’re drum key binds like mine …so where can you find that one that you have a picture of that’s very thin?

criz p. critter

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I wish I could remember! I've accumulated a bunch of keys over the decades, and I really have no idea anymore. Worst case, you can grind down the Tama key a bit until it fits.


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Grilling out and having a beer party by MYSELF today which is kinda fun...two brands I love are sonor and premier..that snare just being premier makes my bank card jumpy. Looks to be in right off the assembly line condition.

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The triple flange hoops that Premier used on their drums and the Olympic badged ones at that time had a round hole for the tension rod. It was barely larger than the rod. Everyone else used and continues to use a larger oval hole. There is more space for a drum key on the oval shaped and the round hole hoops are very tight.
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