Is this sacrilegious or what?


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Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell are the only guys who have pulled off mullets with dignity IMO.

I'd rank Dave above Mel, but Kurt really knows how to mullet :)

Funnily enough - a Google image search for dave weckl mullet brought up my mullet cartoon as second image :)



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As soon as you put a solo on record it will become boring after a while. Or straight-away but the appeal doesn't last. Drum solos are fine live if kept short but should not be put on record IMHO.



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Well.... certainly nothing that Billy hasn't played a gazillion times better before I guess. You know, I always thought about transcribing and imitating that it does lead to developing you own personal voice much more than starting to sound like someone else.

Babys learn to walk & talk through imitation, yet, everybody walks and talks different. You need to have your own creative mind and your own ideas though, but that has never been an issue with me.
Lutz Mayer is the man!!!

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I saw Cobham play a couple of years ago at a clinic and boy was it a let down. He did not want to be there and looked uninterested even while he was doing his solo. Never been so happy for a drum solo to end.