Is this necessary?

Hi everyone, as I’ve said in previous post I am new to drumming. So, i don’t know all the correct terminology but my question is, on the bass drum regardless if you play single or double bass do you need to add that stickers type of thing that the beater hits?



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do you need to add that stickers type of thing that the beater hits?
No, you don't. They help to protect the head, but they will affect both feel and sound. I like them if they're thin enough. I think the head sounds better with it. I use a felt beater, so the patch adds a bit of extra transient attack. For someone using a wooden beater, a patch of some sort is required, otherwise the head won't last very long.


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I like the Aquarian bass drum pad. However, I have using the thin Evans version that come with the heads I buy. It does make the head last longer. Peace and goodwill.


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It's mostly an economic decision. It doesn't detract which is important. Some people prefer it.


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I use one on all of my bass drum heads. I'm not a very heavy hitter but I think the bass drum head benefits from that little extra bit of protection.

I use the basic clear thin Evans pads because they only give a bit of protection without changing the sound or feel.


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I use a piece of adhesive speaker box carpet. I run my feet a lot, and it holds up fantastically.

One thing to consider: each time your beater impacts the head it creates heat as well as impact stress. It isn't enough to burn you or start a fire or anything, but the more foot work you do the more heat is generated, the quicker the head will deform and possibly fail. A double pedal speeds up the process. Wooden and plastic beaters will also wear the head faster than a felt one. An impact patch of any sort will help combat this. It isn't necessary, but generally a good idea.


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Wow really? I've never used a mesh head before. I would have never guessed.
Yep, tiny threads of the felt become enmeshed in the...well... mesh and they slowly pull the head apart over time and the results are not pretty.
Fortunately the good old bass drum patch will save you if you insist on using felt beaters.